Chat Bots & Widget for Small Business Automations

Convert more leads into Paying Customer, where traditional live chat often results in a bad user experience due to lengthy response times, our Webchat widget excels as it opens up a 2-way SMS chat, freeing the user to leave the website but continue the conversation, enabling you to Generate Free Leads off of your Website. Get a 14-day Free Trial!

Close more deals with highly personalized and automated follow-up across channels.

Get organized and automate follow-up with the best CRM for small businesses. Manage all your contacts’ details and interactions in one easy-to-use system. Now you can more easily build relationships that lead to stronger sales and lifelong advocates for your brand. Fortune is in the follow-up. Stop money from falling through the cracks and grow you business. Our system supports the following conversation channels:

✓SMS ✓ FB ✓IG ✓Web Chat (SMS Chat) ✓Live Chat ✓GBP (Google Business Profile).

Save more than 70% of your Costs Progressing...
Increase Consumer Positive Reviews by at least 94% Progressing....

Chat Widget

The easiest way to generate leads off a website is to install our Webchat Widget, which enables visitors to quickly send a message that comes into our platform as an SMS so when you respond, the reply goes back to the visitor's phone as a text message - untethering the visitor from your website.

2-way SMS Chat

Continuing the conversation & Untethering the visitor from your website.

Live Chat

Dedicated team members live chat communication monitoring for big teams.

Conversation AI

Leverage AI technologies to enhance customer interactions with your business.

Chat bots & AI Conversations

Take a Tone back of time with auto chat bots & AI Conversations: Save more than 70% of your Costs.

Any service or product that saves a business time is a service or product a business is willing to pay for. Let's build chatbots that allow you to automatically send replies to frequently asked questions across SMS, Messenger, Instagram DM, Google Chat, and more! All the frequently asked questions you used to have to answer manually, will now be addressed automatically.

Time is money, right. So anything that saves your business time is valuable. And that’s why this next easy and automated win is super powerful. Launch a workflow recipe that will blowup your inbound channels for messages that contain specific words or phrases.

Turn your website into a lead generating machine. 89% of consumers say they’re likely to choose a local business that responds to reviews

Not only can you pull in text messages, emails, social media messages and more into your Conversations tab, we can help you to do the same thing with your website by enabling webchat widget, which will serve as a gateway into an SMS conversation. Use Conversation AI in your Appointment bookings.

Get notified when a conversation is initiated. 94% of consumers say positive reviews make them more likely to use a business

Use widget on multiple pages, remain consistent with your messaging. Customization your entire prompt, configure a Workflow Trigger to notify you when a conversation is initiated via the chat widget, & the Conversation AI bot. Ask specific questions and create branches based on the contact's reply.

In-app notification

Send a notification via the web app or mobile app to specific Users or all


Send SMS to a specific Users or custom number

More Features: Reduce costs, save time and stress - Unleash Your Sales & Marketing

Reduce costs, save time and stress. with easy-to-build workflows, automation & our all in one CRM. Automate repetitive tasks like lead capture and follow-up and much more so you can focus on your business.

Marketing Automation

Manage Leads With Pipelines. Organize and manage leads

Leads Capture

Collect more leads with our funnels, landing pages, forms and more

Text Marketing

Unlock the power of SMS. Receive both phone calls & SMS from a dedicates number

Get Booked

Turn your contacts and database into a maxed out appointments calendar with Appointment Booking Triggers.

Sales Automation

Convert more leads with easy-to-build automation. automate campaigns

Lead Management

Manage Leads and Automate Your Sales Process with the #1 CRM for SMBs.

Email Marketing

Leverage Seamless Email Automation. Start Sending more personalized messages with less manual work.

Referral Marketing

Given that 83% of people trust others' recommendations, your pathway to generating high quality leads is through referral marketing.

We are a private company that offers an e-mail marketing and sales platform for small businesses, including products to manage customers, customer relationship management, marketing, and e-commerce. We can Power Up Your Business. Elevate Your Marketing and Sales with our All-in-One Platform!


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