Scale quickly and effectively with an All in -1- Platform built for startups in mind

Starting a business is no easy eandeavor, but SecretScoop’s startup CRM and sales automation software can help you scale your business and grow without the added stress or burnout. Break and hit the ground running by increasing efficiency so you can focus on developing a winning business model, and crush your marketing goals faster & at a much lower cost.

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— Ben Williams | Loopin

“Every startup is chaos… SecretScoop will enable you to bring it all together.”

It’s time to unlock real results with Promotional, Transactional & Conversational Automation

Close more deals and meet your growth goals with complete marketing automation. Our easy-to-use CRM and automation builder, AI tools, plus our expert strategy consulting will help you save time and drive repeat purchases with the power of promotional, transactional & conversational marketing on a fully integrated platform. .

  • Collect & manage leads

  • Build your contact list

  • Quickly launch landing pages

  • Automate sales campaigns

  • See lead status at a glance

  • Identify high-value leads

  • Accept online payments

  • Send quotes & invoices quicker

  • Automate appointment booking

Make the most of every minute with our CRM for startups

Access all sales and marketing automation, AI tools, support and resources you need to grow your business.

  • Automate repetitive tasks so you can focus on growing

  • Give all team members easy visibility into what works

  • Make it easy to get paid

  • Enable peak team performance with everything in one place

Automate repetitive tasks so you can focus on growing

When you have a small team that’s stretched thin, every minute counts. Automating repetitive sales and marketing tasks allows your team to focus on creativity and problem solving that takes your business to the next level.

Give all team members easy visibility into what works

With our visual sales pipeline tool, your team can quickly see where leads are in your sales funnel at any moment. Lead scoring identifies your best leads, and advanced reporting helps you identify your most successful marketing campaigns.

Make it easy to get paid

Create quotes and turn them into invoices with a single click. Quickly create landing pages for your latest promo and set up a checkout form with one-click upsells and crossells. Collect one-time and recurring payments. Connect with popular tools like Paypal, Venmo, WePay, Stripe, and more.

Enable peak performance with everything in one place

We get it, as a Startup you probably don’t have the manpower to juggle lots of softwares or the costs associated with these tools; so we have made it easy by providing all your sales and marketing tools integrated together all in one platform.

Grow your Business with a platform that scales with your Business needs

Get access to 100s of tools, that include a CRM, appointment scheduling, social media post scheduling & marketing, bulk email marketing, bulk text messaging, a free business phone line—and a lot more tools at your disposal, which you can use according to your business growth needs.


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We have a plethora of automation templates for common needs like new lead follow-up, booking a free consultation, invoice reminders and more.

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